Streamline your business, service, product
in your own feedback and analysis tool

Research and improve:
customer satisfaction / process elements / new restaurant menu /
reception's care / value of training modules etc.




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A breakthrough tool for collecting and analyzing opinions, helping to improve, communicate and increase sales.


Own address and design for fast, dedicated feedback for anyone who cares about development of events, services, people, places and products.



Feedback dedicated to improve not brag about opinions as Google - You'll get answears for your own important questions.


Will engage your recipients both at Your place or online, also will ensure an increase in sales through such things as discount after opinion and will strenghten PR.



Visual configuration of page, own specific questions and simplicity for customer without logging.


Visual statistics and the possibility of immediate gratification is a common satisfaction and improvement. ECO & zero waste (no paper needed)!




valuable feedback - direct, real-time, with statistics

new, engaging promotional and sales channel

building responsibility, loyalty and making a bond with your audience


real cooperation to improve your business: place, product, service or event

reciprocity and mutual benefits

simplicity of feedback - no login, no printing, anonymously or with full data


optional discounts and promotions after opinion

fast sharing of an opinion that matters

satisfaction from dedicated impact on the direction of development or changes


Configure your OWN questions to develop your company, product or service in a smart and user friendly way: