WIN-WIN situation means everybody wins with our fast feedback tool.


The FEEDBACK UP is a feedback tool for business development, communication with clients and sales breakthrough for every product and service. Dedicated and intuitive feedback panel for events, places or products – this real-time feedback will delight and attract your Clients. Choosing your own questions, innovative and fast feedback by link or QR, simplicity of star ratings, possibility of gratification. Just win-win!

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valuable feedback - direct, real-time, with statistics

new, engaging promotional and sales channel

building responsibility, loyalty and making a bond with your audience


real cooperation to improve your business: place, product, service or event

reciprocity and mutual benefits

simplicity of feedback - no login, no printing, anonymously or with full data


optional discounts and promotions after opinion

fast sharing of an opinion that matters

satisfaction from dedicated impact on the direction of development or changes


Responsible consultants who support their favorite brands and gain themselves!
(above 10 x feedback - surprise gift guaranteed)

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